No-Mess Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Columbus Ohio

Ready for a ceiling update?

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An Affordable Sheetrock and Paint Specialist Can Help

A good place to start is by talking to a drywall and paint specialist.

They do this kind of project all the time.

The person who shows up at your house has a lot of experience working on different types of walls and ceilings.

And you’re gonna like having smooth ceilings too.

These Kinds of Ceilings – How Come I Have Them?

House builders started doing these spray-on ceiling treatments in the late ’50s.

House builders discovered this technique was faster, and less costly, than regular preparation and painting.

Remodeling providers now had an ideal way to deal with spots, holes or uneven surfaces and cover them up.

Ohio homeowners originally liked it too because it seemed fashionable at that time.

Unfortunately, there was asbestos in some of these preliminary products.

Most builders began to return to conventional finishes and paint as the 1980s ended.

You can still see these features in many local homes.

They are almost always limited to the living room, hallway and bedrooms, never in a kitchen or full bathroom.

Why Homeowners Say They Don’t Like These Surfaces Now

  • It gets dusty
  • You can’t clean it very well
  • You can’t repair it easily
  • Spots are hard to paint
  • If you bump it – little pieces fall down

The Way It Gets Removed and Replaced

Before your work starts, everything that can be moved out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, electrical outlet covers, vent covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

There won’t be any mess because the whole room will get covered in plastic before the job starts.

Some water is thoroughly put on the old surface.

The moisture gets soaked up quickly and the old texture turns soft.

Once the old surface is soft, it can be carefully scraped off.

All the texture is gently scraped off into a mushy pile on the plastic floor. Then it’s hauled away.

The old surface is almost always somewhat rough.

It could need some attention to hide seams and make it all smooth.

Finally it’s time to take out the primer and paint.

Which Service To Call

A portion of the removal and replacing projects that get done are performed by small businesses who specialize in these kind of projects.

And the remaining other projects are completed by local drywall and painting contractors who can do many types of interior surface issues.

Either way you go, you can get your situation handled in locations such as the University District or Upper Arlington.

Can I Do This Job On My Own?

If you wish to save some money, you could try it yourself.

It isn’t the most complex home repair, but it’s dirty and not easy.

If you have the confidence and the extra time to do it, you might try doing the work.

A lot of owners look into doing it themselves, but they almost always decide not to.

Columbus Popcorn Ceiling Stain Repair

Touching up or filling small holes in textured ceilings can be difficult.

The tough part is matching the replacement texture with the old texture.

Sheetrock specialists deal with these problems on a regular basis.

They understand the techniques to use to get a good final result.

How Much Will This Cost In Columbus?

Are you wondering what this might cost in your neighborhood?

The overriding price factor is the length of time the contractor estimates the work will take.

Most projects are finished without problem and on schedule.

But once in a while, those old ceilings have asbestos in them.

It was accepted for house builders to use asbestos products prior to 1980.

You have to have yours tested if there are doubts about the time period of yours.

Obtaining the sample and carrying out the screening is easy.

If you’d like, you can order a testing kit and send in a small sample of your texture.

A few vendors sell these test kits. You can get them at Amazon.

If you have asbestos, don’t worry. Your elimination company understands how to do it safely and by the rules.

Get a Job Quote for Your Place

If you’re ready to redo your house, you can get an easy cost estimate.

You will be able to get an upfront cost estimate before your work begins.

Hear about alternatives and prices near downtown, Harrison West, Victorian Village, The Arena District, SoHud, Old North, OSU University district, Necko, North Linden, South Linden, West Campus, Marble Cliff, Grandview Heights or Upper Arlington.

Work gets done in every part of the city — East Side, West Side, North Side or South Side Suburbs.

What You Can Do Today

You can start by having a short chat with somebody in your neighborhood.

You can get some advice or just set up an appointment.

Say so long to those old ceilings.

Service Area Includes the Central Locations Of . . .

  • Downtown and the Arena District
  • Harrison West
  • Victorian Village
  • SoHud
  • Old North
  • OSU University District
  • Necko
  • North Linden
  • South Linden
  • West Campus
  • Marble Cliff
  • Grandview Heights
  • Upper Arlington OH
  • Most of the outer suburbs too

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