Chula Vista Popcorn Ceiling Repair or Removal

Are you planning on getting your ceilings redone?

Wanna know more about how it works and what the cost might be?

Why not talk it over with somebody who does this work.

A Skilled Sheetrock Specialist Can Handle It

The initial step is to have a simple conversation with a drywall or paint specialist who works on these issues regularly.

These folks work with ceilings and walls all the time. They have become pretty good at it.

And these people will make your room look better too.

Why Did They Put Acoustic Ceilings in So Many Houses?

In the last years of the 1950s, home construction companies began using this treatment in their new houses.

Builders liked this unique approach because they found it a little faster and cheaper than painting.

This process was a fast way for remodelers to cover over stains, holes or mistakes.

Many homeowners originally enjoyed it too because it appeared fashionable at that time.

Unfortunately, at the start, some of these materials used asbestos.

The excitement of these products began to change in the 1980s and 1990s too.

Most homeowners began to want a ceiling surface that matched the walls.

It’s typical to see houses near Otay Ranch or Otay Mesa West that have these acoustic ceilings if they were constructed during these years.

Why Homeowners Want Them Removed

  • “They collect a lot of dust”
  • “You will find little bits on the carpet or floor”
  • “Spots are difficult to touch up”
  • “They are hard to repair or patch”
  • “They are hard to clean or dust”

Updating My Ceilings – What is the Procedure?

The first thing that happens is everything in your room gets removed.

After the furniture is taken out, other items such as outlet covers, air vent covers, smoke detectors or light fixtures will also be removed too if possible.

In order to collect all of the falling texture, the complete room is covered in plastic sheeting.

A little water is applied to the ceiling. The surface soaks it up and turns soft.

Once the old texture is soft enough, it can be scraped away.

After a while, the original texture is in a big pile on the floor.

It’s wrapped up in the plastic and hauled off.

Some drywall repairs are typically needed.

Joints may need to be covered and the entire surface perfectly smoothed for priming.

The job ends with the new surface being primed and painted.

What Kind of Company Does This Work?

Some of these jobs are carried out by small companies or folks who do nothing but drywall repairs.

Many of the remaining jobs are performed by drywall and paint companies.

They have experience swapping out and fixing all sorts of interior surfaces.

There’s an experienced technician who will arrive and help you out.

Could I Attempt To Do the Work By Myself?

Are you thinking about doing this job on your own?

It’s not enjoyable. And it may be messy too.

If you’ve executed renovation projects before which have turned out great, maybe you might try this one as well.

When a homeowner knows exactly what is involved, they almost always end up contacting a pro.

Chula Vista Popcorn Ceiling Repair

Textured ceilings can be difficult to fix or touch up.

Attempting to get the new area to match up with the original surface is sometimes the most challenging aspect of the job.

Individuals who work on these types of repairs all the time get good at completing the important final finish work.

Scraping and Removal Cost

Are you wondering what this job might cost around your neighborhood?

The key factor drywall experts think about when figuring out price is how long the project will take.

Although it does not happen too often, sometimes asbestos can be a factor.

If your residence was built before 1980, there is a possibility it could have some asbestos.

Before you start scraping yours off, you ought to get it tested.

The home sample test is not hard at all. You can handle the whole process.

To do it yourself, you simply purchase a testing kit, take a small surface sample and send it in for the test.

You can acquire these screening kits online. They are not very expensive.

Most homeowners won’t have asbestos in their sample, but testing it is important.

Advice and an Estimate in Your CV Neighborhood

Just call and get an estimate for your house.

In most situations, you will know the cost before the work is started.

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Get Your Questions Answered

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Might as well get started.

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