Burbank Popcorn Ceiling Removal or Repair

Is there an old ceiling you need scraped off and redone?

Is it more work than you want to do?

Why not discuss it with someone who does this work.

Get Some Help From a Local CA Paint and Drywall Company

Get an opinion or help from someone you can rely on.

These folks take on this kind of work frequently. They understand just what to do.

It will take your specialist a while to finish, but it’s going to look great when he or she gets done.

How Did Acoustic Ceilings Become Popular Anyway?

In the late 1950s, these spray-on techniques started to become popular with home builders.

Building contractors learned that they didn’t need to put in so much time smoothing and painting ceilings.

They liked that quite a bit.

People doing redecorating found it was a quick strategy to cover up uneven surfaces, spots, holes or mistakes.

San Fernando Valley homeowners liked it also because it was stylish and helped with reducing noise.

But there was a big problem. Some of those products contained asbestos.

House builders began utilizing these products much less as the 1980s and 1990s went on.

Houses constructed near Pacoima or Chatsworth around this time often had these acoustic ceilings applied in the hallways, bedrooms and living room.

Bathrooms and kitchens did not use them.

Why These Textured Ceilings Might Annoy Owners

  • You can’t repair it easily
  • Spots are hard to paint
  • If you touch it – it crumbles
  • It’s a magnet for dust
  • It’s hard to dust or clean

What’s the Procedure Like?

The very first thing your SoCal specialist will do is clear out everything from the room.

This includes not just furniture, but also electric outlet covers, light fixtures, any smoke detectors or vent covers.

In order to capture all of the falling texture, the complete room will be covered in plastic sheeting.

The old surface has a little water solution sprayed on it. That existing texture soaks it up and starts to get soft.

The surface is slowly and carefully scraped.

The removal process continues until all the original material has come off. It gets gathered up and hauled off.

The surface isn’t yet ready for painting. It will need to be smoothed and made perfect.

Once the new surface is ready, it can be primed and painted.

Who Should You Call To Do Your Job?

Many of these jobs are performed by small companies who’s only business is fixing walls and ceilings.

Most of the other jobs are done by drywall and painting companies.

These companies can take on and situation you have with any indoor surfaces.

Whichever sort of service you choose to call, you can find some great service near Canoga Park or Sun Valley.

A Few Homeowners Look at Doing It Themselves

Are you looking into doing this on your own?

This task gets messy and you need to know the way to handle it so it doesn’t get all over your house.

Getting the original surface off isn’t really the hard part.

Getting the final painted surface to look smooth can be the more difficult part.

But the majority of owners decide to get someone to complete the work for them.

Burbank Ceiling Repair

When textured ceilings get holes, dents or water damage, they are often tricky to repair.

Blending together the new texture with the original is one of the tricky problems.

Most homeowners have trouble doing it, but a professional is generally pretty good at it.

Ceiling Replacement Cost Near Burbank CA

What will this cost near Van Nuys or West Hills?

The price is largely based on how long the job will take to be done.

The most important wild card in your pricing is asbestos.

Properties built earlier than 1980 might have products which were made with some asbestos in them.

You or your contractor will quickly examine yours if you are not sure as to when yours was applied.

The tests are effortless. You can do it if you want to.

You could do the screening yourself if you purchase a testing kit, pull off a small texture sample and send it in.

You can find these test kits online. Most homeowners get it at Amazon.

If you have asbestos, do not worry. Your removal company understands how to get it done safely and securely.

Get an Estimate in Your Area

You could call for a cost quote or to ask some questions.

In many cases, you can know the cost before the work is started.

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Service appointments are scheduled entirely at your convenience.

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