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Why Do Washington Houses Have These Acoustic Ceilings?

New home builders began using this type of process back in the later 1950s.

House builders discovered they didn’t have to spend so much time prepping and painting ceilings. They appreciated that quite a bit.

Home remodelers liked the way it was an ideal way to hide spots, small holes, uneven surfaces or other mistakes.

King County homeowners initially liked it too because it was stylish at the time.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, some of these materials used asbestos.

That, together with evolving attitudes, caused them to slowly go out of favor with most homeowners and builders in the ’80s and beyond.

You can still see these features in many Bothell and Redmond houses.

They are almost always limited to the living room, hallway and bedroom, never in the kitchen or full bathroom.

Reasons Why Homeowners Want Them Taken Off

  • “They are not easy to clean”
  • “It’s hard to fix small dents or holes”
  • “They get too dusty”
  • “The little pieces fall down when touched”
  • “They are difficult to paint when water stained”

Just How Does the Common Process Work?

Before anything else can happen, everything must be removed from the room.

Plastic sheeting will get taped up throughout the room to collect each piece that comes off.

Some moisture is sprayed onto the ceiling. The water gets absorbed pretty quick and the texture turns soft.

Once the old surface is soft, it can be easily scraped off.

As soon as all the outdated wet texture is off, it’s bagged up and taken away.

The bare surface is nearly always somewhat rough.

It may need some attention to hide seams and make it smooth.

Last of all, the primer and paint come out and it gets done.

Types of Home Service Providers Who Can Help

A percentage of these projects in this area are handled by individuals who specialize in doing it.

The rest of the jobs are handled by general drywall and painting companies who experience this type of project quite often.

There’s an experienced specialist who can arrive from Kirkland and help you out.

Most Homeowners Have Someone Else Do The Work

Maybe you would like to try it by yourself.

Spending hours on a small ladder reaching over your head can get exhausting.

Maybe if you’re really handy, you could try it.

While some homeowners think about the options, most jobs get finished by a professional.

Popcorn Ceiling Repairs Near Bellevue

Working on a ceiling which has a textured surface can be hard.

Making the repaired area seem like the repair never took place is the most challenging part of the process.

Most homeowners have a problem with it when they attempt to make repairs look good.

Ceiling Repair Rates Near Redmond WA

Are you curious about the price range for houses around the Mercer Island or Bothell areas?

Prices are frequently based on how long the project will take to complete, which is largely dependent on the size of the room.

One major issue that could show up is asbestos.

Luckily, it doesn’t come up too often.

Houses built prior to 1980 may contain some asbestos.

If you have an older house and you don’t know what type of product you have, you will have it looked at.

In fact, homeowners can do the testing process themselves.

If you wish to do it yourself, you can order a test kit and send in a small sample to a screening company.

You can find these tester kits at some online stores.

Most samples won’t have asbestos in them, but it’s vital to verify it to make sure.

Western Washington Homeowners Can Get an Estimate

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Unless your case is very uncommon, you should be able to find out the cost before your work is started.

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