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How Did These Acoustic Ceilings Get Installed At So Many Houses?

This spray-on feature started getting used a lot back in the late 1950s.

Home building companies discovered it was faster to spray an unfinished ceiling than it was to carefully prepare and paint it.

Remodelers liked it because it was a simple way to conceal stains, patches or uneven ceilings.

And homeowners around the country initially thought this new technique made their homes look fashionable.

One enormous problem – there was asbestos in some of these initial products.

Homeowners and builders started to alter their attitudes towards these products in the late ’80s too.

Many started to desire a smooth finished surface.

It’s still common to see these features in houses around town although you do come across them less and less.

Why These Textured Ceilings Can Annoy Owners

  • “You can’t clean or dust them”
  • “Doing touch-up painting is difficult”
  • “They collect dust”
  • “Particles fall off when touched”
  • “It’s hard to fix small dents or holes”

How This Removal Process Works

The first step your expert takes is to clear away every item from the room.

Besides the furniture, this also includes any vent covers, smoke detectors, electrical outlet covers or lighting fixtures.

In order to prevent any mess, your room will get covered in plastic sheeting which will collect all the stuff that falls.

A little water is thoroughly sprayed on the old ceiling.

The water quickly softens the old texture as it gets absorbed.

The surface is slowly and gently scraped.

The scraping process does not stop until it is all on the floor. Then it is simply hauled out.

Some surface repair is generally required.

There may be new compound applications and smoothing.

The final steps are priming and painting. That’s it.

An Experienced Person Can Help

A good percentage of these projects are completed by individuals who spend each day fixing ceilings and walls.

And the balance of these projects are handled by drywall and painting companies who have crews with experience in numerous interior surface fixes.

There’s somebody nearby that can manage it for you.

Could I Attempt To Do the Job By Myself?

If you need to save a little money, you could try it yourself.

Spending hours on a small ladder reaching above your head gets tiresome.

The toughest part is preparing the surface totally smooth so you can prime and paint it.

But the majority of homeowners choose to contact someone to do the job for them.

Aurora Ceiling Repair

Textured ceilings can be hard to fix.

The biggest difficulty is to get the new texture to match the original.

Drywall specialists tackle these problems all the time.

They know the techniques to use to get a nice final result.

Aurora Ceiling Removal Cost

Wondering what will this type of work cost near your neighborhood?

The cost is largely based on how long the project will take to get done.

While it doesn’t occur too often, sometimes asbestos is a factor.

It was pretty standard for home builders to use asbestos products up until 1980.

You can quickly check yours if you are not sure as to when yours was sprayed on.

The sample test is easy. You can handle the whole process.

All you need to do is submit a small sample of your old texture to the testing service.

These sample kits can be bought online.

With some luck, your test will come back negative for asbestos.

A positive conclusion can lead to a far more complex removal process.

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