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Why Did Builders Install These Acoustic Ceilings in Houses?

During the late 1950s, home builders began using this spray-on process in their new homes.

It was widely used because it was a lot easier and cheaper than painting and they figured it might help cut down on noise too.

Property remodelers liked how it was a good way to cover up spots, holes, uneven surfaces or other problems.

Western homeowners enjoyed how it looked modern and how it assisted a little with soundproofing their house.

But there was a huge problem. Some of these products contained asbestos.

Starting in the ’80s, these acoustic ceilings started regressing in popularity.

Kitchens or full bathrooms rarely had these acoustic features.

But many greater Denver homes constructed during this time will have them in some other rooms.

This sort of Textured surface Has Some Drawbacks

  • It collects dust
  • It’s not easy to clean
  • It’s hard to repair
  • Small repairs are hard to paint
  • It crumbles when touched

The Way It Gets Removed

Before your work begins, everything that can be moved out is removed.

This includes all the furniture, electrical outlet covers, vent covers, light fixtures and the smoke detector.

Plastic will be used to capture all the removed chunks and pieces. The complete room will be protected.

The existing surface will have water carefully sprayed on it. The water gets absorbed into the surface and turns it soft.

The technician slowly and thoroughly scrapes the old texture off.

The old texture is pulled off and hauled away.

The old surface is nearly always somewhat rough.

It may need some attention to cover up the seams and make it all smooth.

And the last part is the priming and painting.

An Affordable Repair Person Near Your Neighborhood

A lot of these scraping projects are done by individuals who spend much of their day doing this kind of indoor sheetrock maintenance.

The rest of the jobs are worked on by general painting and drywall companies who come across this sort of project quite often.

You can get an experienced specialist to drive over and fix it for you.

Should I Try To Do This Job By Myself?

Some homeowners want to do it on their own.

Working above your head on a step stool for hours is not much fun.

If you have a lot of confidence and the time to do it, you could try doing the job.

But the vast majority of these projects in this part of town are not completed by the homeowner.

Arvada Popcorn Ceiling Water Damage Repair

Indoor surfaces with texture on them can be a little tricky to repair.

Blending the repaired area into the old surface can be the challenging part.

A drywall specialist is able to get it done so the final result looks good.

Repair Costs in the Arvada Area

Are you wondering about the cost range for houses around your area?

The rate is largely based on how long the project will take to be finished.

If your home is a certain age, it’s possible you might have some asbestos in it.

Some builders were putting asbestos into northwest Denver homes before 1980.

It is best to analyze yours if you own an older house.

The home sample test is not hard at all. You can handle the whole thing yourself.

If you’d like, you can order a testing kit and mail in a small sample of your texture.

You can buy your testing kit online at stores like Amazon.

If your sample contains asbestos, it will require a more thorough removal course of action which will have an affect on your cost.

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